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How long can I preserve a bottle?

If you keep the bottle in a dark and cool place, even when they are opened, they stay preservable for an indefinite amount of time.

Can I combine different bottles?

You can take two bottles at a time without any issues.

If you take the drops directly on your tongue, I advise you to take 6 x 4 drops of every mix alternately. So first take mix A, then next time take mix B, then back to mix A and so on ....

You can also put 24 drops of each mix in two different bottles of water. You should drink from both of these bottles throughout the day. It’s recommended to alternate between drinking from the two bottles.

What do the numbers on the bottles stand for?

Because the bottles contain a unique mixture of individual bachflowers, they each have their own specific number. This number is different with the numeration you can find on bottles in shops and pharmacies containing only one individual bachflower.

Is there any alcohol in the bottles?

The bottles contain no added alcohol and can be safely used on babies, children and pregnant women.

Why can't I find these bottles in the herbal store?

I tend not to commercialise my bottles so they are not sold to a pharmacy or herbal store. You can only buy them trough the website. The bottles are made by hand and one by one. This way the originality and quality is guaranteed.

What are the differences between your bottles and the ones in the store?

My bottles have mixtures of different Bachflowers; the ones you get in the shop are usually made from one specific Bach flower. My bottles contain more than one individual Bach flower.

How come your bottles are more expensive than the ones in the store?

My bottles have a content of 50 ml; this is five times the amount of the bottles from the store. Also the bottles do not contain only 1 Bach flower, but 6 to 8 different Bach flowers.

Why do these Bach flowers taste different than the ones from the store?

I make my mixes without added alcohol. Because of this the drops do not have a strong alcoholic taste. The bottles from the store contain about 20 times more alcohol, which isn't really a good thing.

Why is it that your bottles aren't sold in the pharmacy or herbal store?

You can't find them in the pharmacy or herbal store because I tend not to commercialise the bottles. You can only buy them trough the website The bottles are made by hand. This way you get originality and quality.

When will I notice the first results?

This is different from per person to person, but usually you can already see results after a few days or weeks.

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