Bach Flowers

What are Bach flowers?

Bach flowers are liquid extracts of plants that will bring emotional and physical balance.

Which Bach flowers are used in the mixes? / Where are these Bach flowers coming from?

The mixes are all made with Bach flowers from England, and created according to the guidelines of Dr. Edward Bach.

Bach flowers, are they drops or pills?

Bach flowers are drops, not pills. The optimal dose is 6 x 4 drops a day on the tongue or in some water.

Do Bach flowers have side-effects?

Bach flowers are fully natural and do not have any side-effects.

Do Bach flowers contain alcohol?

The Bach flower mixes that I offer contain no added alcohol, which makes them safe to use on babies, children and pregnant women. The Bach flowers from the shop or pharmacy contain 40% alcohol and are not recommended to use on children or pregnant women.

How long do you have to take them to get results?

This depends from one person to another; in general you can already see results after a few days or weeks. 

Free personal advice for your problem?

Are you unsure which Bach flowers can help you? Contact Tom for free advice.

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