Bach flowers and children

What's the dose for children?

The dose for children is 6 x 4 drops a day, directly on the tongue or in a drink they like.

My child goes to school during the day, how can I give the drops?

In the morning and in the evening before bedtime you could administer 4 drops every time. You could put the rest in a bottle (or a favourite drink) and let him/her drink it during the day.

However, it is important that your child understands that it should be spread throughout the day. Indeed, some kids can become hot and expend a lot of energy during breaktime, and so come back to their drink and consume it all at once. This is not a good idea. Your child should find another source of drink to quench their thirst.


You could give 4 drops in the morning and another 4 right before he or she is leaving for school. When your child gets home from school you could give another 4X4 drops, with the last ones before bedtime. Make sure there is at least half an hour in between the intakes.

Can I give Bach flowers to my child?

Bach flowers are 100% safe and can be given to small children without a problem. You can even administer them to newly born babies, they are completely harmless and do not have a single side-effect. 

Can I take Bach flowers when breastfeeding?

You can take Bach flowers when you breastfeed. Your baby can only get the positive effects from it!

My child is highly sensitive, do I give the same dose?

When your child is highly sensitive, the normal dose stays 6 x 4 drops a day. The advantage is that your child will show good results in a very short time due to his/her sensitivity.

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