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Can I give the drops to my dog or cat if it just gave birth?

You can give Bach flowers at any given time, even when they just gave birth. It won’t cause harm to the puppies, on the contrary, when the mother is being helped with the drops the young ones will benefit too.

Is shipping free?

Free shipping

Enjoy free shipping with every order when you spend 34 dollar.
The shipping cost for orders below 34 dollar is 7 dollar.

You can find more information on shipping and delivery time here

How can I order a Bachflower mix?

  1. Select the wanted Bachflower mix in the left column of this page. Choose the number of bottles you wish to order and click on "place in shopping basket". If you wish to order more than one mix, repeat this action.

  2. On the overview of your shopping basket you can click "order" to order the chosen products.

  3. Enter your details and choose a payment method.

  4. Pay your order online or via bank transfer. Your order is now complete.

Are you ordering a personal mix for yourself, a family member or a pet? Remember to mail more information about the complaints and character.

Where can you buy Bachflower mixes?

You can only purchase Bachflower mixes through this website. The bottles aren't obtainable from the shop, pharmacy or herbal store. It's not the intension to commercialize the bottles, so we do not use any commercial selling points.

Do I have to order 3 bottles straight away?

For lasting results it is best to take the Bach flower mix over a period of 3 months. For this you will need three bottles. Of course you don't have to order all 3 bottles at once. You can start with 1 or 2 bottles, however you see fit. Ordering afterwards is possible.

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