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Good morning Tom,

I want to update you about how I feel after three weeks of taking your custom blend.

I have almost finished the first bottle and I have to say that I have noticed some improvement at the general level.

I have to be honest: during the first week / 10 days I felt that my symptoms were getting worse. Anxiety was very present and I felt extremely exhausted. I also went to the emergency room because for two days I had a lot of pain in the middle of my chest and I was convinced I was experiencing some heart problems. The diagnosis turned out to be intercostal pain due to psychophysical tension.

After this episode, however, I noticed that something was changing: I began to feel more confident every day, and to face the days with a somewhat more serene spirit. It's as if a spring came out of me that made me say "that's enough! I do not want to live this badly anymore. It's time to change!"

I now find some improvements, especially within the working sphere. I feel more confident and have belief in my skills. I have become more sure of myself, with a more assertive attitude (sometimes I am amazed of the answers I give, which until recently I would never do, holding it all in!).

I want to make travel plans, to laugh, to have fun. I'm still a bit stuck regarding fears of dying, death, fear of losing my loved ones, but I know this is the most critical point on which the flowers need to take action and it will take some more time.

Anxiety is still there but during all this time I have remained strong and I have never taken drugs, only Bach flowers (I take the drops directly on the tongue and maybe this also acts on a psychological level making me perceive as if taking the drops of anxiolytics).

I have managed to control my anxious breathing and try to distract my mind from negative thoughts. I will continue with the second flask, but then I want to make a new order. I will give you another update in 15-20 days so you can tell me if it's necessary to change my mix or to continue with it.

Thank you,

Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

Other testimonials

* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

(5/5) Francesco from Italy *

I feel more inner peace, less stress and less anxiety

I have suffered with the problem of not being able to leave my home for about 5 or 6 months. Surely it is agoraphobia.

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(5/5) Jacqueline (someone from Belgium) *

I feel a lot more at ease and less irritated.

I started using Bach Flowers because I had troubles sleeping. Everything I dreamt of was so intense and glued on me that I had the feeling of not have rested at all when waking up.

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(5/5) Gisela Gansweid *

She's doing better

First and foremost, thank you for the speedy delivery of both bottles of your personal Bach Flower mix for my mother...

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Lyuba Melik
(5/5) Lyuba Melik from Australia *

It continues to work miracles for me

It's time for me to re-order the mix. It continues to work miracles for me. And there are some very significant positive side-effects.

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(5/5) Karin *

No dead battery any longer!

After two bottles I'd like to order again, but with new information. I'm doing better: I feel calmer in my head...

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He dares to take on new and unfamiliar situations
(5/5) Anonymous *

He dares to take on new and unfamiliar situations

I've bought mix 77 for high sensitivity for my 8 year old son, two months ago. Within five days I noticed a great effect.

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It was a lot better with the drops
(4/5) Jacqueline Bongers *

It was a lot better with the drops

Some time ago I asked your advice for our son Nick, and with the drops it was a lot better...

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Our life has become much more satisfying
(4/5) Annik (Belgium) *

Our life has become much more satisfying

About 4 months have passed, and our life has become much more satisfying. 

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(5/5) Emanuela from Italy *

I'm no longer ashamed to look people in the eye

I am not blocked, I don't cry anymore when I talk about it, it is as if I am overcoming the situation.

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I am more motivated to be active
(4/5) Angelika Lenz from Germany *

I am more motivated to be active

It’s like this, if things are going over my head, than the inner peace comes back quickly again.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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