My son calls them his 'lucky drops'

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Ruth Lowyck

Hi Tom,

As promised I am writing you a review about mine and my son's personal mixes with a picture of both of us. :)

Personal mix:

Three months ago I let Tom make a personal mix for me and my 10-year old son.
So many things have changed in a positive way since then.
For me it feels like I'm alive again. A life full of colour, feeling, softness, resilience and balance... I'm so grateful for it.
I only now realize that for a long time I was completely trapped. Trapped in a body that was completely drained, trapped in resignation and faulty acceptance that my life was like it was.
I was so tired for so long and had a number of physical complaints. I had no drive or energy to change this around.
The Bach flowers 'awoke' me in a slow and very soft way. There were gradually many new insights and a huge determination to do something with those insights. The power that I get from the Bach flowers keeps on amazing me. Even the tiredness and the physical complaints are gone... and this is something I would have never dreamed of at the start.
They have such a soft but very strong ability to awaken so many beautiful things on the inside and change the negativity.

With my son, his personalised Bach flowers have brought on so much beautiful change too.
He himself now calls them his 'lucky drops'. He tells me that he feels much calmer on the inside and really enjoys feeling this way.
The extreme biting on his fingers is completely gone, and the grinding teeth when he sleeps is a thing of the past.
Even the teacher at school notices a huge improvement in his concentration and focus (without even knowing of the Bach flowers).

Tom listened to us, and really considered which mix he would have to compose for the both of us.

He is a true and sincere person that really performs this with his heart and soul. You can really feel that!

Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

Other testimonials

* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

(5/5) Barbara from Germany *

My sadness has decreased significantly

Thank you for your help with my personal mixture and your comprehensive support.

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(4/5) Tine Brackx *

He immediately slept whole nights

It's time for a further order for Lowie, my son. We started with one bottle of your personal mix.

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Léa Misik
(5/5) Léa Misik from France *

I was able to handle the bereavement and lessen the sadness

It is not the first time I've used Bach flowers and I’m really happy about it.

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(4/5) Marianne (someone from Belgium) *

My youth wounds are finally fading

We’re a while further now and Bach Flowers really help me. The wounds from my youth are fading away… They aren’t completely erased yet, but I can deal with them now. 

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I feel revived
(5/5) Jeanine from Belgium *

I feel revived

I'm really happy about that! I'm more stable, have fewer mood swings.

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She looks now with bright (radiant) eyes
(5/5) Anonymous *

She looks now with bright (radiant) eyes

The mix already has a result. She feels less depressed and she can express herself better.

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We are both happier now
(5/5) Anonymous *

We are both happier now

We are now a couple of weeks further on, and I wanted to let you know that we are both happier now.

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Lyuba Melik
(5/5) Lyuba Melik from Australia *

Helping with my blood pressure

The mix is working wonders with my blood pressure!!! Thank you!!!

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Did you put magic drops in my bottle?
(5/5) Sandrine Serron *

Did you put magic drops in my bottle?

She's going to sleep more relaxed, and seems in peace with no more nightmares. She says that the drops work for her...

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Lots of progress
(5/5) Kim Stienen *

Lots of progress

I've been taking the personal mixture composed by you for about 2 or 3 months now. I've had a lot of progress...

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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