Do you think too much? Or too little?

Do you think too much? Or too little?
Do you think too much Or too little

When you have to make decisions, especially critical ones, most of us take time to research all the options so we can make the best decision, which is normal. But what if you spend too much time considering your choices so that you overthink things and end up unable to make any decision at all?

This type of overthinking can happen even with relatively minor decisions, such as which kettle to purchase or what sandwich to buy for lunch. And when it comes to more important decisions, for example, whether to buy a house or accept a job offer, you may worry that you are making the wrong decision, even after you've carefully considered all the advantages and disadvantages.

You may find that you're trapped in a thought pattern of potential outcomes and fail to make any decision. Trapped in an endless cycle of "what if this, what if that" scenarios, you eventually become so overwhelmed that the result is that you fail to make any decision.

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Why do we overthink things?

If you find yourself struggling to make decisions, it can help if you understand why.

Maybe it's because your previous choice didn't work out well. So you don't trust yourself to make the right decision this time.

Perhaps you worry that making the wrong decision will have a negative impact on others. Or maybe you think that others will judge you for making a particular decision. Of course, many people find decision-making challenging at times. But if you find yourself overthinking almost every decision, large or small, try to break the pattern.

Start small by making quick decisions about inconsequential things. Instead of wasting an hour browsing Netflix to find something to watch, pick the first show that grabs you. Go for a walk without planning your route. Grab a new brand of cereal without thinking about it.

You may feel anxious about doing this at first. But making quick decisions without giving yourself time to weigh up the alternatives can help you to be more decisive when it comes to making big-ticket choices.

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It's taking action that allows us to move forward, so most of the time, we should prioritise this. You won't progress in life without getting results, and decisive action will create results for you.

Or maybe you don't think enough?

Impulsivity is when you don't think about the potential consequences of your actions. And the results can be disastrous.

Young kids often act rashly, upsetting their playmates or even putting themselves in danger. But adults can also be overimpulsive, and this trait can undermine their careers, their relationships and even their health.

People with impulsive personalities are prone to act quickly without thinking about the consequences. They are risk-takers, making quick decisions and saying things on the spur of the moment that they may later come to regret. However, they don't always come over as wild or thoughtless because this tendency is often masked by good social skills.

Individuals with impulsivity issues may seem to cope in many ways, including holding down a job and having a busy social life. Their ability to make decisions quickly, as long as the end result works out, can make them seem exciting, bold, and unconventional. And some may be very successful in their careers. However, their impulsivity may well be creating chaos in some areas of their life, perhaps in their relationships, financial affairs, or substance misuse.

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Striking a balance

So how do you know precisely when you're overthinking? Luckily, there's a simple way of balancing over- and under- thinking so you can optimise your decision-making by mastering your thought processes.

Thinking should be understood as a tool that helps you take action.

You can break thinking down into two aspects:

  • Analysis to understand things better
  • Planning to maximise the efficiency of your actions

The rule is to balance things out and make sure you're not jumping into action too quickly or pondering the various options for too long.

Think about the problem for as long as it helps you determine the best course of action. Then, once you're happy with the plan, stop thinking. Now is the time to act.

Once you've decided on your course of action, you always have the option of going back and reanalysing or changing your plan as you gather more information. And optimising as you gain further insight is a more efficient method to get things done anyway.

It's all about getting the balance right. So do your research, anticipate whatever you can, then make your decision and get out there!


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