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Léa Misik
(5/5) Léa Misik from France *

I was able to handle the bereavement and lessen the sadness

It is not the first time I've used Bach flowers and I’m really happy about it.

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(5/5) Nicole from France *

I tell you, I am 79 years old, you can trust Bach flowers

I was 77 years old when I had a family dispute. It was the Bach flowers that saved me.

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Sylvie Fargues
(5/5) Sylvie Fargues from France *

My situation improved, I feel better in my self

I discovered Bach flowers thanks to a friend of mine, and then found Tom a bit randomly.

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Annemieke de Beer
(5/5) Annemiek de Beer from Belgium *

My hoarseness is gone

I'm writing you to thank you for the Bach flower mix you have made for me last week.

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Wilhelmina Canters
(5/5) Wilhelmina from The Netherlands *

I feel so much better and stronger!

My results so far: today I've been taking the drops for 14 days and I am very happy! I feel so much better and stronger!

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Gid Smolders
(5/5) Gid Smolders *

I don't feel restless anymore

There is nothing else to say other than the drops have had a very positive effect on my mood.

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Lyuba Melik
(5/5) Lyuba Melik from Australia *

It continues to work miracles for me

It's time for me to re-order the mix. It continues to work miracles for me. And there are some very significant positive side-effects.

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(4/5) Daniela from Italy *

Things are starting to get a little better

It seems that things are starting to get a little better, even though certain moods have not yet completely gone.

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(5/5) Joke Vandewaal from Belgium *

I sleep more easily, therefore I'm more rested and excited

I've been using the mix for almost two weeks now and I sleep more easily, therefore I'm more rested and happy. So we are going in the right direction.

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(5/5) Nadine Van Battel *

A satisfied customer for a while now

I'm been a satisfied customer of Bach flowers for a while now and I'm still very happy.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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