The power of the flowers keeps on astonishing me

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Hi Tom,

My son has been taking the personal mix for two weeks, and it is so sweet to see the way the flowers awake so much beauty inside of him. It's also remarkable for someone who forgets so much (and here we do speak of a little wonder of the world!), because every three hours he spontaneously remembers to take his drops. We keep on being completely amazed by it.

This morning he said: "Mum, I can't forget to add my lucky drops to my water bottle to take to school today". I told him this was a great phrase: lucky drops. To this he replied that these really are his lucky drops :)

A few things we have already noticed:
- He's biting his fingers less
- In general he now has more energy. Little things don't take so much from him, everything in general is more spontaneous and without effort.
- If he is overcome with emotions, then he can describe them well. Because of this the intensity of each emotion is less and although he is aware of them it is not as hard on him.
- He is much more positive. He doesn't ask for validation so much, but has more self-confidence.
- This weekend for the first time, he went to buy bread on his own, by his own initiative! In our case this means he has to take the elevator all by himself! What a big victory for him! His eyes were shining afterwards and he was so proud of himself, so happy.
- Sometimes he stops playing videogames by himself, even if it is still 'gametime'... for us this is completely amazing and we are very surprised by this.
- Yesterday evening he told us himself: "I'm going to bed, I'm tired". This is unusual, as he never really gives in to his tiredness.

About my own mix I wanted to share the following:
I never would have dreamed that halfway through my second bottle I could experience and discover so much.
The desire to go outside, for example, which I thought it would never return, is now fully awaking. It is such a sincere desire to experience things again. And I enjoy it so intensely because it doesn't feel like an effort. It is so pure and true...
It feels more and more like I'm getting my life back... a life again filled with colour, texture, softness, resilience, balance, ... I'm so grateful. So grateful to be able to enjoy the small things again. I'm loving how much I treasure enjoyment again.
I increasingly realize now, how long I was trapped. Trapped in a body that was completely run down, trapped in resignation and a negative acceptance that life is what it is, until now...
You know Tom, I might seem a little strange, but the power of the flowers keeps on astonishing me very much. Their gentleness, and their ability to awake so much beauty inside, keeps on moving me.

Kind regards

Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

Dany Ost
(5/5) Dany Ost *

I recommend Bach flowers

Well then, we are now a month in... and I have to say that I'm incredibly happy with the results!

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More sociable
(4/5) Anonymous *

More sociable

What have I noticed? T. is a lot calmer, happier, more certain and plays more with others instead of playing alone.

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(5/5) Isabelle Girodet from France *

I feel better when I wake and have more energy through the day

I am happy with the benefits of taking the personal mix you sent me. After just a week, I am really sleeping better and I am able to get rid of my anxiolytics.

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I don't feel like I have a brick in my stomach
(4/5) Anonym *

I don't feel like I have a brick in my stomach

I've been taking my Bach flower mix for 14 days, 6 x 4 drops a day; and I already have a result with it. 

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It was a lot better with the drops
(4/5) Jacqueline Bongers *

It was a lot better with the drops

Some time ago I asked your advice for our son Nick, and with the drops it was a lot better...

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The outcome was positive.
(5/5) father of Anne *

The outcome was positive.

She said that she “went quiet in her head” and she passed!

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My mix is helping brilliantly
(5/5) Lucy, 55 years *

My mix is helping brilliantly

You asked me to mail you my experiences with the personal Bach flower mix that you made for me. 

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The balance is being restored
(5/5) Vanessa Verstuyft from Belgium *

The balance is being restored

A week has passed and I feel a bit more free and energetic. Things are starting to fall in their place, the balance is being restored.

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Alleviating night sweats
(5/5) Anonymous *

Alleviating night sweats

I feel better and I want to thank you for that!

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(5/5) Ingrid Seynaeve (Belgium) *

My hyperventilation seems to have disappeared

I've searched for information about the Bach flowers you've chosen for me, and you are absolutely right!

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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