The hyperactivity has improved and he is achieving better marks

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Hi Tom,

I do not remember exactly if we changed composition a little with the last delivery. I have seen an improvement in my son with regard to the hyperactivity, and he is also achieving better marks at school. They evaluate his behaviour, and unlike years ago, the mark this time was between normal and good.

With the help of the flowers I would like to continue increasing his concentration, reduce his excessive physical movement - which has improved but he still needs to control his body more because he keeps moving excessively - and get him to comply with the rules. Another thing I have often noticed is that if he is with other children he always tried to be the centre of attention by doing silly things. He bothers the others, not with malicious intent, just to gain attention, he tries to be funny... and eventually he gets the opposite effect.

This is it, in brief. Please keep me informed and confirm whether you intend to change the composition, or if you think this is not advisable at this time.

Thank you very much.


Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

Growing in confidence
(5/5) Anonymous *

Growing in confidence

My daughter is doing much better thank you. She has grown in confidence.

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Simona Mignani
(5/5) Simona Mignani from Italy *

My husband and I feel more serene and a bit calmer

I am Simona Mignani and a while ago I bought two Bach Flowers custom made mixes that you made for my husband and myself. I wanted to update you on the first results I've noticed.

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No more weird dreams
(4/5) Anonymous *

No more weird dreams

He has been busy for a few weeks now and he feels there has been an improvement in his condition.

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I especially have a better spirit
(5/5) Jacqueline Chantalat from France *

I especially have a better spirit

I’ve been taking the Bach flower essences for 3 weeks now and I have felt my well-being improve quickly, with better sleep. Even if I awaken, I fall back to sleep quite easily.

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I must say I'm feeling very good
(5/5) Mattia from Italy *

I must say I'm feeling very good

I finished the bottle. It was my second one and I must say I'm feeling very good. Thank you very much.

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(4/5) Kitty (Belgium) *

It started working after 2 weeks

The first two weeks, it seemed like it was doing nothing, but after that it started to work. He’s a little 'flatter' in his behaviour, a bit more patient. 

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(5/5) Jacqueline (someone from Belgium) *

I feel a lot more at ease and less irritated.

I started using Bach Flowers because I had troubles sleeping. Everything I dreamt of was so intense and glued on me that I had the feeling of not have rested at all when waking up.

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(5/5) Wendy De Wit *

A real find!

I'm ecstatic about the personal Bach flower mix you made for me. We're not 100% there yet, but we're starting to get there.

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(4/5) Tine Brackx *

He immediately slept whole nights

It's time for a further order for Lowie, my son. We started with one bottle of your personal mix.

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I got up and felt something different: balance
(4/5) Lotte (someone from Belgium) *

I got up and felt something different: balance

I contacted you to ask you to help me to feel more balanced. I felt as if I was an emotional mess and very instable because of the many changes that were about to happen in my life. 

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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