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Irene Sell

Hi Tom,

I am always suggesting the flower remedies to friends and acquaintances and have recently been able to help a lady of my own age, by suggesting she just tried the Rescue remedy and see how she got on. She was very pleased with the results so I told her about your website too.

The mix I have has worked extremely well. I was able to make my first trip alone through the airport onto the plane without getting into too much of a state, and I had only been using the remedy for approximately two weeks.

While I was in Malta there was a small family crisis at home but I was able to stand back and let my daughter deal with it without getting into a stress and I haven't had a real 'panic' episode since I started taking the mix.
I sleep a lot better, other than when my feet and hands are particularly uncomfortable. Most of the time I generally feel so much better and brighter and in control of myself, which is a big thing for me because I always worried that I would have an 'episode' while out and not be able to cope.

I have been able to deal with situations affecting my daughter and grandsons without getting too emotional and making myself feel ill. I do still get the headache and immense tiredness after any big emotional situation. For example, in an every day situation here, my daughter is worrying about her son, who recently had a relationship split and he is taking it hard. He is very young, 22 and keeps things inside, doesn't talk, then explodes! I know we all have to go through these things and sort them in our own way but ... easier said than done when it's your loved ones. So I am worrying about them all.

But the big thing is I am able to stand back and just keep watching and loving and be there if I'm needed.

Kind regards


Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

Other testimonials

* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

More sociable
(4/5) Anonymous *

More sociable

What have I noticed? T. is a lot calmer, happier, more certain and plays more with others instead of playing alone.

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John Henry
(5/5) John Henry *

My wife is feeling normal

Firstly a big thank you for the personal mix you made for my wife, Jacqueline.

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What a success!
(5/5) Anonymous *

What a success!

I just wanted to let you know how well my little boy S. is responding to the Bach flowers mix you composed for him.

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The teacher noticed a big improvement
(5/5) Kim *

The teacher noticed a big improvement

My daughter used your product about 4 years ago. She was going to the first grade and she had troubles concentrating.

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(5/5) Anja Maes from Belgium *

Much softer in nature, sweeter and less irascible

The muscles in his neck and shoulders are more relaxed... I hope that the migranes also decrease.

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Negativity has decreased
(5/5) Anonymous *

Negativity has decreased

Thank you for getting back to me. Taking the personal mix as prescribed has helped me a lot.

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(4/5) Sofie Bultynck *

Better focus at school

After we received the Bach flowers, we immediately started giving Winston the treatment daily. After around 10 days he indicated that he could concentrate better and that he really does feel the difference.

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The hyperactivity has improved and he is achieving better marks
(4/5) Elena Grijalba *

The hyperactivity has improved and he is achieving better marks

I have seen an improvement in my son with regard to the hyperactivity, and he is also achieving better marks at school. They evaluate his behaviour, and unlike years ago, the mark this time was between normal and good.

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Sandra Silvis
(5/5) Sandra Silvis from the Netherlands *

After the first bottle, I quickly noticed a difference

I'm very satisfied. I've ordered three extra bottles straight away ;). After the first dose, I noticed a difference.

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(4/5) Nathalie Romero from France *

I think the mix worked well

Chloé isn’t doing bad at all (thanks for asking about her). She has ups and downs, which is kind of usual, she is very cyclic!

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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