I can put things in perspective and I'm calmer

(5/5) - Personal Bach flowers remedy
Bach flowers personal mix

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Hi Tom,

The Bach Flowers have helped a lot. I'm calmer and I can put things in perspective now when it comes to my problems. Could you send another mix for three months?

Friendly regards

Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

Other testimonials

* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

No more weird dreams
(4/5) Anonymous *

No more weird dreams

He has been busy for a few weeks now and he feels there has been an improvement in his condition.

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My son is a happy person
(5/5) Anonymous *

My son is a happy person

Since 15th of April my son takes his personal made Bach Flower mix every day. My son is now a happy person. His fears for daily common things - like going for groceries - are now a thing of the past.  

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George Treutens
(4/5) Georges Treutens *

Bless you, to do so much good for your fellow men

If I had to explain my feelings, I would say it is as when the excess froth is sliced from the top of a beer.

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(4/5) Angélique *

Better in my head and my body

My head and my body both feel better. I feel less stressed and rationalise more when facing any troubles.

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(5/5) Olivier *

Thank you so much I feel a completely different person.

About a month ago I asked your advice to see if you were able to help me. I suffered from a severe depression, suicidal thoughts and was addicted to drugs. (cocaine, cigarettes). 

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Karine Van Tendeloo 1
(5/5) Karine Van Tendeloo from Belgium *

I was less nervous and I had more confidence

Yesterday I had my first competition. Nerves were much less than before and I had more confidence.

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(5/5) Anja Maes from Belgium *

Much softer in nature, sweeter and less irascible

The muscles in his neck and shoulders are more relaxed... I hope that the migranes also decrease.

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(5/5) Danielle Spoelstra *

He's the kid I love again

First of all I would like to tell you that my son Jesse (almost 11 years old) is doing great with his tailor made mix. Jesse has tried all kinds of medications for over two years.  

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Kieran 2
(5/5) Christine *

K is acting more mature now

He went away on a school trip a few days ago and his teacher and supervisor said that he was great all three days and they would take him again.

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(5/5) Gennaro and parents *

After six weeks we must say that your mix proves to be really successful!

Some time ago, half way August, you made a special mix for our grandson Gennaro who suffered a lot from mood swings and severe sleeping problems.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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