Bach Flowers get rid of your fear of flying

(4/5) - Bach flowers mix 91

Dear Tom,

Here’s my feedback about the bottle of Bach Flowers you sent me. Actually, I can tell you in short: it works like a charm!

It’s the first time I got on a plane and my clothes were dry! Otherwise, my shirt would be wet with sweat because of the tension and anxiety. I’ve feared flying my whole life, and tried everything to fix that. It’s the first cure that really works for me! My fear of flying was the worst during take-off, and just before the plane hits the ground during landing. Those are moments where I was extremely terrified. I always thought something bad would happen and I felt so helpless. I also would never sit at the window. The less I would see the better. If my husband wouldn’t have been there, I would never dare to go in a plane.

Now I can stay calm during take-off and landing. It’s not that I can’t feel anything anymore, but it’s a very different experience. I feel more relaxed, calmer and have no more tendencies to panic. I can let myself go in the situation.

Because I have a fear of flying, I also come in contact with other passengers that have the same fear. It was very obvious to me to see a woman with her eyes closed, body cramped, because of her fear of flying. I thought I’d let her try my bottle as well, but I didn’t. Now I am over my fear of flying, I will send her to you the next time I see her.

Thank you!



Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

Bach flowers mix 91: Fear of flying

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During the flight, I was able to handle my stress and stay calm
(4/5) Elisa Mendes from France *

During the flight, I was able to handle my stress and stay calm

A week before my departure to Miami, I was panicking about taking the plane. I ordered the Bach flower “fear of flying” and I received it within two days. After less than a week of intake, I was less anxious.

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It was excellent
(5/5) Yvonne Frutiger *

It was excellent

The mix was excellent. It helped me a lot, I was absolutely relaxed while getting on the airplane and had no fears at all.

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Now I can go on holliday without anxiety!
(4/5) Deborah, 31 years *

Now I can go on holliday without anxiety!

I ordered the Bach Flower Remedy for flying from you twice. The first time I was obligated to take the plane for work.

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Not scared on the plane anymore
(4/5) Maggie, 52 years *

Not scared on the plane anymore

Thank you for the Bach Flower Remedy against fear of flying. We just returned from our trip to Cuba and I absolutely had no anxiety in the plane.

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No fear on the plane
(5/5) Sam, 28 years *

No fear on the plane

As requested, I give you my findings about the Bach Flower combination for fear of flying. For my work I’m forced to take the plane abroad a few times a year.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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