I see a clear improvement when someone come to visit

(5/5) - Bach flowers personal mix for dogs
Lilou et Nina

Good evening, Mr Tom Vermeersch

I'm writing to give you news about Lilou and Nina

Regarding Lilou: she is halfway through her third vial. I see a clear improvement when someone comes to visit me at home. She’s less afraid of men, and she even goes to see what’s happening with fireworks. At Christmas, all went well. When they began, she looked at me with a questioning look. I took her in my arms and we looked at the fireworks together, fearless. For New Year, it wasn’t the same, because my neighbour had the wonderful idea to let off fireworks in his garden just next to me and then it was really too much for her. The sound was too loud for her. The noise was so strong that even after increasing the sound from the TV to the max, we heard all of it. Our blinds were down, but nothing helped. It was too much.

Beside that, we have seen a great change in her behaviour when we are involved in normal situations. Regarding the expo. I haven't done one since the beginning of the treatment, so I cannot tell. There still remains one expo in Croatia in April and the vial has come to an end. I wait for your answer to see what I should do next.

Regarding Nina: She will soon finish her second bottle. There has been a clear improvement. She is not the same dog anymore. I see that she has more confidence, doesn’t feel fear instantly, she’s joyful with people that come to the house.

While out and about, she does not fear people, but more the big dogs. She shakes at their arrival when she hears them barking and she is really aggressive if one of them comes too close; a real Pit bull. Besides that, with the small dogs, there is no trouble. She is not afraid of tree branches that move with the wind in the garden anymore, but remains afraid of sudden noises in the garden or other places. With this, she runs back inside and hides behind the door, looking out. In the house, it has to be an unusual noise like a vase that falls or other noise that she is not used to hearing, and straight away, she is afraid. Otherwise, she is playing a lot, and is full of energy, a real little devil, but she knows who is the boss. She is really cuddly and kind with us and my grand children. In the past I have given Rescue remedy, but with Nina, your blend seems more appropriate. I wait for your answer.

Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

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