Good results on Bach Flower mix 55 for Hyperactivity & concentration problems

(4/5) - Bach flowers mix 55

Hello Tom,

In this email I wish to share our experiences with the Bach Flower Remedy hyperactivity & concentration problems. 

Like I told you in my previous emails, our son has been struggling with hyperactivity & concentration problems since primary school. When he first started his treatment everything was well and his school results didn’t suffer. However when he started secondary school, the hyperactivity & concentration problems resurfaced.

However, with the hyperactivity & concentration problems drops he has improved incredibly. He no longer feels nervous or anxious and can concentrate better on his studies. He is more social and more pleasant to handle. Also his school results have improved since he started this treatment. They are even better than last year!

The progress also went as you described, the result wasn’t immediate. Only in the second month we started to see serious improvements. Now he has been taking the remedy for about three months and we are very happy with the results. All the bad symptoms from the hyperactivity & concentration problems have disappeared.

We are so happy we decided to try the Bach Flowers, because the doctor actually suggested Ritalin after he was diagnosed with hyperactivity & concentration problems. Now we have better results than we ever hoped for and this all thanks to your Bach Flower Remedy.


Thank you again for all your help.

Kind Regards,



Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

Bach flowers mix 55: Hyperactivity & concentration problems

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(5/5) Jelena Miloshevska *

He is more focused and organized

Just wanted to let you know that Hyperactivity drops we bought 7 days ago from you are working well for my son. He is pleased to share this with you and he feels more calm and relaxed.

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(5/5) Astrid Brandstaetter from Germany *

It makes our family life much easier

Laurenz is doing great with Bach flower Mix 55.

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Isabelle Autret
(5/5) Isabelle Autret from France *

He's coming back from school with a smile

After two months of taking mix 55 for ADHD, the results are surprising.

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(4/5) Nathalie Depreitere *

When the bottle was broken, we noticed the difference

I brought the bottle with me on our vacation... But dropped it. After that, we saw how big the difference was!

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(5/5) Phil *

Finally I found a natural substitute for regular medication!

I’m working as a therapist and I’m very happy to have found Bach Flower mix n° 55, and of course all of the other combinations you make! I have a lot of faith in the Bach Flowers!!

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(5/5) Helen, 38 years *

I can only say that it’s going splendidly!

I wanted to let you know how it’s been going ever since you gave the Bach Flower Remedy 55 for my son Brendan. I can only say it’s fantastic! 

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I noticed he seems calmer and more attentive
(5/5) Irene Jones from Italy *

I noticed he seems calmer and more attentive

Two weeks have passed since my four year old baby took the mix and, sincerely, I have noticed he seems calmer and more attentive.

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There is nothing else I can say: Top!
(5/5) Anonymous *

There is nothing else I can say: Top!

At school the teacher says that my son is calmer. Of course I didn't tell her that he is taking the drops.

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In clear, I feel way more relaxed
(5/5) Cindy from France *

In clear, I feel way more relaxed

I'm very satisfied with the personal mix. I had some results after about a week.

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I believe in the products and I hope for continued succes
(5/5) Bart Mareels from Belgium *

I believe in the products and I hope for continued succes

He is calmer, less agitated and more focused.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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