Bach Flower Essence Olive treats mental and physical exhaustion

Bach Flower Essence Olive treats mental and physical exhaustion
Bach flower Olive

Bach Flower Essence Olive (Olea europaea)

The Bach Flower Essence Olive is used to treat people suffering from exhaustion after considerable mental or physical effort. Often, illness can cause the symptoms of exhaustion. Usually people can recover without help. With plenty of good rest and a healthy diet some individuals will recover relatively quickly. But with Olive people, fatigue continues and starts to affect daily living in a negative way. When used correctly, Bach Flower Essence Olive can help during the recovery process. It enables good rest so we become energized.

Recover from acute fatigue and feel revitalized with Bach Flower Essence Olive.

The Olive state is caused by mental strain, physical excursion or illness. At hectic times in our lives we become more vulnerable to entering this state. When the body and mind have experienced hard work, we all tend to feel overtired and mentally worn out. But in the Olive person, each day becomes a struggle as they are unable to overcome the enduring fatigue. If you or someone you know has lost faith in their endeavors and life is becoming a chore, Bach Flower Essence Olive can help.

Situations Bach Flower Essence Olive can help with:

In an extreme Olive state individuals find that they encounter issues due to tiredness every day. When we feel tired all day long, simple tasks can present more of a challenge. Olive people suffer through finding their daily work too demanding. The Olive state is triggered by physical and/or mental exertion. After resting, feelings of exhaustion persist affecting the person’s state of mind and impacting on everyday activities. While in this state, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay positive. Other people at work and home will show concern that the Olive person shows very little interest in life and seems unhappy. Some Olives will feel so weak that they give up on important aspects of living. For example, a researcher will stop carrying out vital research or a Psychiatrist will suddenly stop seeing his patients. When no pleasure is derived from our lives, it is impossible to carry out our work as usual. Ambition is lost and a feeling of unease persists. In situations like these, Bach Flower Essence Olive brings about balance so we can start enjoying life again.

Using Bach Flower Essence Olive to break the cycle:

Through using this essence, you can find a solution for losing interest in doing things you enjoy due to fatigue. When you have become well rested you will start to recover from mental strain and overexertion. As everyday tasks become easier, you can regain your self-belief one day at a time. With a more positive mental attitude, there are no problems, only solutions. You’ll soon find you can attempt new challenges with renewed vigor. By following the recommended daily dosage, life becomes meaningful and pleasurable again. Leave negative thinking and exhaustion behind and gain control of your life again with Bach Flower Essence Olive.

Bach flower number 23: Olive

Bach flower Olive helps when you feel:

  • Completely exhausted
  • A great deal of physical and/or mental exhaustion
  • Everything is a burden
  • You need more vitality
Discover how Bach flower Olive can help you
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