How to handle a relationship breakup?

How to handle a relationship breakup?

Has your relationship broken down?

If you have been involved in a relationship that has recently broken down you are likely to be running a gamut of emotions. If you ended the relationship yourself, you may experience a mix of feelings such as guilt and hurt as well as relief and a new found sense of freedom. If you were the one who was on the receiving end of the bad news and were effectively ‘dumped’ then you may well be suffering with lovesickness.

What is lovesickness?

Lovesickness is a syndrome that affects people who have been rejected in love, or who have an unrequited love. Lovesickness is also prevalent among people whose love is absent, or those who have been bereaved. Many experts believe that a relationship breakdown is similar to the feelings we have when we are bereaved.

Symptoms of lovesickness

Besides the emotional symptoms there are a number of physical and mental symptoms of lovesickness, but they do of course vary between individuals. If you are dealing with a relationship breakup you may well experience feelings of anger, jealousy, despair and hopelessness. You will be feeling tearful and may find that you are fatigued simply because insomnia leaves you unable to get a decent night’s sleep.
As lovesickness goes on, your symptoms can become more acute and you may find that you suffer with depression or anxiety, mania or OCD. If your symptoms are out of control you should consider seeking professional help.

How to handle a relationship breakup

Any advice you receive while you are in the depths of hurt and despair can seem meaningless to you, but if you want to know how to handle a relationship breakup you are going to have to take some of it on-board. For example, ideally you need to put some distance between yourself and your love. This means accepting that your relationship is over. When you can do that it will become easier for you to create boundaries that will help to limit your vulnerability. Such boundaries mean removing unhealthy behaviours such as hanging out on social media or stalking your ex-love.
Try not to give in to your obsession, no matter how difficult that can seem to be. Seek to distract yourself and become more active. Ideally you should make yourself less available to your ex-partner if they come looking for you, so try and engage more with your other friends and with your family. Get yourself out and about and pursue some new interests.

Bach flower remedies are useful when dealing with a relationship breakup

If you are still struggling and need more help with how to handle a relationship breakup then Bach flower remedies have a solution. Bach flower mix 93 is a gentle and completely natural way to support and manage your symptoms at this tricky time. Bach flower mix 93 will ease the pain and sadness you feel while you are dealing with a relationship breakup and lessen the feelings of jealousy and disappointment you have. Bach flower mix 93 will also boost your self-confidence at this time when you most need it. 

Bach flowers mix 93 : Lovesickness

Bach flowers mix 93 helps you to:

  • Ease the pain and sadness 
  • Temper your feelings of jealousy and revenge 
  • Deal with the disappointment 
  • Take away the feeling of guilt 
  • Boost your self-confidence
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