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12 tips to brighten up a blue Monday

12 tips to brighten up a blue Monday
12 tips to brighten up a blue Monday

How can it be Monday again? Every week, the days roll around relentlessly and Monday can really come upon you too quickly. If you struggle to feel motivated on a Monday, if the first day of the week leaves you feeling dour and uninspired, we’ve put together some great tips to make the day much more bearable. Leave the negativity behind and give some of them a try!

1. Put on your favourite tunes! What cheers you up more than listening to your favourite happy tune? It might be classical, it might be rock, whatever it is though – turn it up. Sing along and dance along where no-one can see you. Happy songs lift your mood and increase your feel-good hormones.

2. Wear something frivolous like a big bow in your hair. Are you working today? If you have to wear a uniform, a suit, or generally look smart, wear your Kermit the Frog underpants, or Simpsons socks. You’ll know you’ve got them on and have a secret smile all day.

3. Is Monday usually spent in front of a computer screen, or bogged down in tasks or chores. Get outside for a nice brisk walk. Any exercise will make you feel so much better, but walking outdoors is a real pick-me-up, especially if you have access to somewhere green. The fresh air will clean your lungs out, and make sure your eyes and skin sparkle. You’ll feel naturally tired afterwards, and exposure to the sun (even when it’s cold) will always make the day better. Do this even if it has to be a quick 20 minutes in your lunch break.

4. Buy yourself flowers. Brightly coloured flowers can really cheer you up. Why wait for the weekend, or for someone else to be thoughtful? You love yourself, don’t you? You deserve them. You’re amazing.

5. Make Monday a media free zone. Turn off your social media and the news. The news can be really depressing, so take a break from reality for 24 hours and do away with Facebook, Twitter etc. too. Escape to an imaginary world with a book or a film if you have the time.

6. Act like it’s a Friday! Pretend you’re just about to embark on a weekend. What do you do on a Friday that makes it feel so good? You might pop out after work for a drink or a meal; you might nip to the cinema or treat yourself to something such as sweets or a trip out at lunchtime. Whatever it is you do on a Friday, swap your Monday routine and see how that makes you feel good!

7. Leave home early and meet a friend for a scrumptious breakfast. Say no to dull cereal, and opt for the full works instead. One good breakfast will set you up for the whole week.

8. Challenge yourself to do something new and creative. This might be the launch of a blog, or painting a picture or undertaking a craft project. You don’t have to be too ambitious, just something small that you can do in the time available. Don’t spend vast amounts of money in case it’s not something you want to continue, but there would be no harm in sketching something in your lunch break, or writing a short observation about life, or watching a YouTube video on cross stitching, or an elaborate hair-do.

9. Make your evening unusual in some way. Turn off the TV and read or listen to music all night. Go out if you always stay in. Have a take-away. Have a long bath. Spend it with people you would never normally see on a Monday evening.

10. Make a Monday date. Challenge yourself to make a special Monday date. This could be at a restaurant or something entirely different. Plan it in advance and look forward to it. Invite people formally. Dress up. Make it a night to remember, but be sensible if people have early starts the next day.

11. Make someone else’s Monday. The majority of people probably feel less enthusiastic about Monday than any other day of the week. Why not become the ‘secret Monday’ fairy? Make other people have a brighter day. Your challenge is to ensure they don’t know it is you that’s brightened their day. Bring cakes or fruit into work; leave post-its with inspirational messages on their desks; write poetry and stick it on the door of the fridge; leave little gifts; tidy up when no-one’s looking. Be anonymous, be mischievous, but most of all be kind.

12. Be a child again! What would a ten-year-old you have wanted to do on a Monday? Videos? Games? Snack food? Right. Do it!

Have a blast! If you do it right, you’ll be really looking forward to next Monday!

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