Use and dosage

Can I combine Bach flowers with normal medication?

You can combine Bach flowers with normal medication. Both will work separately from each other.

Can I give these Bach flowers to my children?

Bach flowers are 100% safe and can also be given to little children without any risks. You can even administer them to newly born babies, they are completely harmless.

I breastfeed, can I take Bach flowers?

Yes, you can take Bach flowers when you breastfeed. It will have no negative effect on the baby, on the contrary!

I am highly sensitive; will I get any side-effects?

Bach flowers do not have any side-effects, even on highly sensitive people. The advantage of being highly sensitive is that they usually show results quicker, due to their sensitivity.

What is the dose for children?

The dose for children is 6 x 4 drops a day, directly on the tongue or a in drink they enjoy.

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